Sustainability Through Steel: 3 Ways Manufacturers Are Using Steel To Better The Environment

Industrial and manufacturing activities are often thought of as being detrimental to the environment. It's important for consumers to begin recognizing that this simply isn't true. Processes that rely on steel can actually provide a number of benefits when it comes to the environment. Here are three ways that industrial and manufacturing firms are using sustainable steel to help minimize their negative environmental impact. 1. Replacing old utility poles. One of the ways that industrial companies are reducing the number of toxins introduced into the environment is by fabricating steel utility poles to replace outdated wood poles. [Read More]

3 Things To Avoid To Keep Your Centrifugal Pump In Good Shape

Centrifugal pumps are a necessity in the manufacturing industry and are great for using water to create kinetic energy. However, even though these pumps are designed for heavy-duty use, it is still important to avoid certain things when using them if you want to keep them in great shape. These are a few things that you'll want to avoid when using your company's centrifugal pump. 1. Leaving it On When There is No Water Flow [Read More]

Need To Fund A School Activity? 4 Tips For Running A Successful Recycling Campaign

If your school club has been hit by budget cuts, and you want to fund an activity, you should try recycling. Group recycling projects can help you earn the money you need when budgets simply can't stretch any further. There are several benefits to organizing a recycling drive to fund your activities. First, you can get your parents and other family members involved. Second, you can get the community involved. Finally, you don't need any financial investment from your school district. [Read More]

Ensuring Your Manufacturing Plant Is Operating As Efficiently As Possible

When you are running a manufacturing plant, there are a wide variety of factors that you need to keep in mind at all times. One of the factors that is of most importance to you and your manufacturing business is how to ensure that your plant and the equipment in it are operating as efficiently as they possibly can. There are many steps that you can take to make everything as efficient as possible. [Read More]