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Sustainability Through Steel: 3 Ways Manufacturers Are Using Steel To Better The Environment

Industrial and manufacturing activities are often thought of as being detrimental to the environment. It's important for consumers to begin recognizing that this simply isn't true. Processes that rely on steel can actually provide a number of benefits when it comes to the environment.

Here are three ways that industrial and manufacturing firms are using sustainable steel to help minimize their negative environmental impact.

1. Replacing old utility poles.

One of the ways that industrial companies are reducing the number of toxins introduced into the environment is by fabricating steel utility poles to replace outdated wood poles. Wood poles are often treated with toxic chemicals that can seep into the surrounding environment as the wood begins to deteriorate over time. Steel will not break down, making a more environmentally-sound option for utility poles.

Many industrial companies are working hard to manufacture these steel poles, with statistics showing that some 2.5 million wood poles are being replaced with steel ones annually.

2. Manufacturing recyclable appliances.

Home appliances are bulky, and they can take up a lot of space when discarded in landfills. In order to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills each year, many industrial companies are creating home appliances that can be recycled by incorporating steel into the design of these appliances.

Making the switch from plastics, polymers, and other materials to steel during the manufacturing of home appliances makes it easier for consumers to take advantage of the sustainability of steel. Approximately 65% of typical modern home appliance components are steel, allowing for 80% of discarded appliances to be recycled each year.

3. Creating reusable targets.

Military personnel must be accurate when it comes to discharging their firearms. In order to gain the accuracy needed to succeed in a combat situation, military personnel spend a significant amount of time practicing their shooting skills at a firing range.

Manufacturers of targets are contributing to bettering the environment by using steel to create reusable targets. Three-dimensional targets made from steel can be used multiple times, resulting in a 30% reduction in lifecycle costs.

Understanding the ways that industrial manufacturers are incorporating sustainable steel into their manufacturing processes allows you to take advantage of the environmental benefits that steel can provide. Replacing wood utility poles, manufacturing recyclable appliances, and creating reusable targets are all ways that manufacturers are using steel to help conserve vital resources and eliminate waste. 

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