An Introduction To Pneumatic Tubes

One of the most interesting and innovative forms of transportation in the modern age is pneumatic tubes from companies like TH Hammerl Inc. These devices are capable of moving solid objects from one point to another with relative ease, while maintaining low maintenance fees and requiring very little effort. In case you are interested on learning, here is a bit of background on pneumatic tubes: How do they work? In order to use pneumatic transportation, you must set up a network of pipes, somewhat similar to a plumbing system. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Invest In Fire-Retardant Uniforms For Your Electrical Workers

Are you thinking about getting uniforms for your employees? If you're in the electrical construction industry, you might want to invest in fire-retardant or cotton uniforms. Rather than leaving your employees to conform to a dress code, you can instead ensure that they are safely protected all the time. While all companies must require employees to wear OSHA clothing, many companies leave it up to their employees to take care of their uniform purchases on their own--and this can lead to inconsistencies and even safety hazards. [Read More]

Inspecting Sewing Machine Threading And Stitching Failure

Modern sewing machines are high capacity, intricate systems that may do a lot of damage to a sewing project if not working properly. Alignment issues, poor needle management and threading failure can be repaired by keeping a close eye on your sewing machine with regular, familiar inspections and troubleshooting based on how the failure occurred. Consider a few inspection and maintenance tips to keep your sewing machine up to par while repairing the most troublesome failures as necessary. [Read More]