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3 Reasons To Invest In Fire-Retardant Uniforms For Your Electrical Workers

Are you thinking about getting uniforms for your employees? If you're in the electrical construction industry, you might want to invest in fire-retardant or cotton uniforms. Rather than leaving your employees to conform to a dress code, you can instead ensure that they are safely protected all the time. While all companies must require employees to wear OSHA clothing, many companies leave it up to their employees to take care of their uniform purchases on their own--and this can lead to inconsistencies and even safety hazards.

1. It's Easier to Ascertain Your OSHA Compliance

If you allow your employees to purchase their own fire-retardant clothing, it can be very difficult to determine whether they're actually wearing it or not on a daily basis. An employee may be late and throw on a jacket that isn't up to standards, or a pair of polyester pants. Having set uniforms can greatly reduce the risk of having an employee in appropriate clothing and will make it much easier for employees to comply.

2. You Can Extend Your Branding In Addition to Safety

Uniforms have a side benefit of extending your branding. You can put your company's logo on the uniform or simply deck your employees out in the company colors. Not only will companies see your employees and associate them with you, but they will trust your employees more because they know that they are on the job and hard at work. Employees will also stop at other places in their uniforms, such as retail stores and markets, which offers advertising opportunities.

3. You Can Save Money Overall

Most companies must reimburse employees for the cost of their uniforms provided that the uniforms are associated visually with the company or purchased specifically for company use. For instance, a fire-retardant 100% cotton polo shirt may seem like a neutral article of clothing, but it can still be seen as a uniform if it is in the company color or if the 100% cotton, fire-retardant functionality is required by your business. It is more expensive to reimburse employees for clothes purchased in retail stores than to get a bulk deal on uniforms from a uniform supplier.

Fire-retardant uniforms are an excellent idea for electrical construction companies as sparks can easily set ablaze. In general, fire-retardant uniforms may be treated to be fire-retardant or may simply be out of natural cotton, which is less likely to catch on fire than other fibers, especially synthetic fibers. Talk to electrical construction places like Albarell Electric Inc for more tips.