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Why Does The Location Matter When You're Welding Structural Steel?

When you choose a welding method for structural steel, you have to take the location of the welding into account. Some welding methods should not be used indoors, and others shouldn't be used outdoors, because of issues like fumes and strong winds. That doesn't have to be as frustrating as it sounds because there are different welding processes that work in different situations. But you may still want to arrange for a steel welding company to handle this work and take care of the decision-making for you.

Some Welding Releases Gases and Fumes

Whenever you weld something, the method you use produces gases. These gases can have a beneficial effect on the welding while also being toxic to you, and that creates a major problem. If the welding method you want to use creates gases that would be harmful to you and anyone near the welding area, it can't be used indoors. Conversely, if the welding process releases gases that shield the welding spot from atmospheric issues that could interfere with the process, then using that method outdoors in windy conditions can render the gases useless. So you're constantly looking for the right combination of location and welding method that will produce the shielding gases you need but not produce enough fumes to cause you a problem.

Wind Doesn't Help the Way You'd Think It Would

You also have to keep in mind that where you weld something needs to have adequate ventilation while also being protected enough from wind that shielding gases don't get blown away. You also have to be aware of who is nearby as you don't want fumes being blown toward other people once those fumes are vented from the welding area. Yes, trying to choose a welding method can be confusing.

You've Got Options No Matter Where the Welding Happens

One thing to remember is that you have many different welding options. It matters if the welding is done inside or outside a building, of course, but you'll still have enough choices for welding materials and procedures either way that you're not really going to feel restricted. That means there's no reason to use an indoor welding procedure outdoors because you can't find a suitable option.

If you're not sure about which welding procedure you'd want to use, you can call in a structural steel welding service. Let them know the result you want, and they'll find the right welding method for it.