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Modular Deck Builders: What's The Best Wood For Your Products?

If your factory makes and sells customized modular decks to your customers, you may need to use the best wood possible for your products. But if your current materials don't meet your customers' expectations, look into engineered wood products soon. Engineered wood contains all the natural benefits of hardwood, lumber, and other types of wood materials. Learn more about the features of engineered wood and how you can use it to build your modular decks by reading below.

What Exactly Is Engineered Wood?

Engineered wood is one of the most cost-effective building materials known to date. Manufacturers use every part of a tree to engineer their wood products, including defective limbs and branches. Manufacturers also use the leftover materials from other wood products to engineer their wood, including the sawdust and wood chips of excess lumber. Manufacturers use a resin-like substance to bind the materials together. 

Engineered wood also undergoes other processes that make it ideal for outdoor modular decks and other structures. Manufacturers generally coat the material with sealant to protect it from the sun's harsh ultraviolet light. The sealant also creates a water-resistant barrier on the surface of the material. If water damage is one of the things your customers complain about after they purchase your decks, engineered wood may help you overcome it. 

If you think engineered wood is the ideal alternative material for your modular decks, contact a wood supplier for details and services today. 

How Do You Obtain Your Engineered Wood?

A wood supplier can help you select, purchase, and order the right engineered wood for your modular decks. Try to obtain as much information about your decks as you can before you contact a supplier, including their sizes, dimensions, and purposes. You want to ensure you order enough wood for each of your decks.

Also, consider ordering engineered wood products in different colors. Like other wood products, manufacturers can paint engineered wood after they create it. If you need to order customized engineered wood for your customers, consult a supplier immediately. It may take some time to create the ideal wood for you.

A supplier may also ask you to select the type of engineered wood you need. The wood comes in different forms and styles, including planks, composite boards, and plywood. You may want to use your designs for your decks as a guide to help you with the selection.

Learn more about engineered wood by contacting a wood supplier or manufacturer such as Hillside Lumber today.