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Can A Wire Mesh Remove Lumps From Your Goods?

If you process flour, sugar, or another food that becomes lumpy after production, invest in a custom wire mesh soon. Some types of food can become lumpy during and after production.  A custom wire mesh not only removes the lumps from your goods, but it also improves the overall quality of your goods. Learn why your goods become lumpy and how a custom wire mesh can improve your goods below.

Why Are Your Goods So Lumpy?

When perishable goods, such as sugar and flour, sit in a bag or container for a long time, they become sticky, hard, and lumpy. Food can become lumpy if you expose it to warm, moist air. Some of your customers may complain about the texture and quality of your goods over time. Other customers may stop purchasing or using your goods altogether.

You can do a couple of things to keep your perishables from becoming lumpy. You can place your sugar and flour goods in barrels with seal-tight lids. The lids shouldn't allow any type of moisture to enter your refined goods. Also, store your goods away from things that release moisture or heat into the air, such as HVAC systems and ovens.

Next, purchase a wire mesh for your business.

What Type of Wire Mesh Should You Use?

A custom wire mesh is a special screen you can use to remove the lumps from your goods. The screen comes in different sizes to fit your needs, including extra fine and extra large. The screens allow you to catch hard pieces of food before it passes through to your storage containers.

You want to choose a wire mesh for each type of good you produce. Although you may be able to use the same mesh for your flour and sugar goods, you want to avoid doing so. You don't want to cross-contaminate your goods. You can use a custom-made wire mesh that can handle multiple foods all at once. A supplier will help you design the ideal wire mesh for your industry.

In addition to choosing the meshes for each of your goods, you want to choose mesh screens in the right materials. Mesh screens come in copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and polyester. You want to select wire meshes that can handle sifting and separating large quantities of goods. Your meshes should also be able to sift or separate your goods quickly. A supplier will help you find the meshes you need after you contact them.

You can learn more about removing the lumps from your goods by contacting a custom wire mesh supplier today.