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Tips For First Time Commercial Door Owners

Are you a business owner whose company has recently moved to a new building? Does this new location have a large set of doors for delivery or other purposes? If this is the first time that you've been around commercial doors of this type, you may not be aware of what sort of maintenance your doors may need. Here are some tips on keeping your doors working properly:

Inspect the cabling system: Like a home garage door, large commercial doors usually have a cabling system that both opens the door with a motor and keeps it balanced so that it can be opened manually. If the cable or any of the system's springs were to snap, you would have to wait for the doors to be fixed before they could be used again. If this happens in your main loading and unloading area, the unexpected delay could cost your company a significant amount of money in lost wages and lost business. If the cable snaps catastrophically, it could even injure one or more of your employees, resulting in your company having to pay out on workers compensation claims. To prevent any of this from happening, instruct your employees to notify an appropriate person if they notice the cable beginning to fray or any springs that are beginning to crack. Regular inspections should be conducted to look for damages. Scheduling a replacement allows you to repair the doors when it's most convenient and to prevent a loss of income.

Check the roller system: In addition to cabling, many commercial doors also have rollers that both support the heavy doors and keep them moving. You should frequently check this system to ensure that it's still working properly. If one or more of the rollers is no longer turning when the door opens and closes, it could simply need oiling or it could have worn unevenly and need replacing. In either case, having the issue fixed as soon as possible means that you're less likely to be stuck with a door that won't open.

Oil the hinges often: Some people may be under the impression that oiling the hinges serves mainly to keep the rust away. While this is one thing that oil helps with, it's not the only thing. Well-oiled hinges are less likely to get gummed up with dirt and dust, something that could prevent your commercial doors from opening. If your area is especially dusty, you may even want to have your maintenance employee oil the hinges daily. For more information, contact a company like Steel Doors.​