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How to Get Precisely Cut Foam Parts Ready to Use on Your Product or Parts

If you need a foam part with an adhesive back to attach to your product or assemble, you may want to consider die-cut foam adhesive parts made by a third party to your specifications and then shipped to you ready to use. When you are ready to use the parts, all you need to do is peel off the backing and stick them in place.

Die Cut Foam

Die-cutting is a process used to cut two-dimensional items from a material with a press and a cutting die that works like a cookie cutter but on a larger scale. The material is fed into the press, and a cutting die is forced down through the material to cut through it and create the shape needed.

Foam die-cutting works the same way, and die-cut foam adhesive parts can be stamped out extremely fast and with great accuracy so they fit your product perfectly every time. The foam type is often something you can specify, and if the parts need to have adhesive on them, the die-cutting service will start with adhesive back foam sheets. 

Using this method allows the foam and the backing sheet to be cut simultaneously and the extra material removed before the product gets to you, reducing waste. 

Designing Your Foam Pieces

Before die-cut foam adhesive parts can be cut out, a die must be created that is precise and will produce parts that fit your needs. The die-cutting service can work with you to determine the size and shape of the foam parts, how thick the foam must be, and what type of foam is best for your application.

The die can then be created to meet those requirements, and the service can make test cuts to see if the part is correct. If the foam part does not fit the first time, the die-cutting service can adjust the die or create a new one until they have one that produces the best part for your situation. 

Production Runs

Once the die for your die-cut foam adhesive parts is completed, the service can begin a production run of the parts for you. Parts can be produced until the die cutter has made the amount you need for the first run. Once the run is complete, the die-cutting service can take the die off the press and store it for later use. 

When you are ready for more foam parts, they can reinstall the die on a press, set up the production run, and create a new batch of parts to ship to you. While the initial design phase can take some time, once the die is perfected, running additional parts is much easier and more efficient.