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Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Using A Crane In Your Pharmaceutical Clean Room

As someone who works in a pharmaceutical business, you might be used to working in a clean room. You might know that using a crane in your clean room is a good way to move materials around without having to deal with the weight by hand, all while minimizing human contact with ingredients and supplies that can be potentially hazardous or that you do not want to be contaminated. Although it's true that using a clean room crane is a good idea, it's important to know about which mistakes you shouldn't be making. These are some of the top mistakes that you should not make when using a pharmaceutical clean room crane.

Not Using the Right Type of Crane

There are a couple of ways that you could make a mistake by using the wrong type of crane in your pharmaceutical clean room. For one thing, you should never use a crane that is not designed specifically for use in a clean room. After all, other types of cranes can contaminate your clean room and cause major issues. Additionally, you should make sure that the clean room crane that you purchase is able to handle the amount of weight that you need it to be able to lift; then, you can make sure that it doesn't break down and cause delays, and you can also make sure that your crane is not damaged.

Not Cleaning the Crane Regularly

Typically, clean room cranes are designed so that they can be cleaned and sanitized easily. For example, they typically don't have a lot of nooks and crannies that are hard to clean; instead, they are typically made with a sleek and smooth design. However, this does not mean that you shouldn't clean your clean room crane on a regular basis. Instead, you should make sure that you or your staff members clean the crane on a regular basis to help ensure that your clean room is, in fact, kept nice and clean. Make sure that you use proper cleaning and sanitation practices and that you use recommended cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the finish on the crane or causing other problems.

Not Following the Recommended Maintenance for the Crane

Since your clean room crane might do a lot of the work itself, and since you might not have had any problems with your clean room crane, you might not think much about maintenance. To keep your pharmaceutical clean room crane running like it's supposed to, though, you should make sure that you follow all recommended maintenance on it.