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Strategies For Reducing Road Traffic To Reduce Road Dust

Road dust is a common problem resulting from the erosion of the road. There are fortunately various road dust suppression systems available that can control how much dust is released into the atmosphere. But before you implement a dust suppression system, you should look for ways to reduce the amount of road traffic and to lower vehicle speeds.

Open New Roads

Reducing traffic will reduce the extent to where the road becomes eroded. Opening new roads can provide additional routes that motorists can take. Also, by not making commercial zones too large, there will be less traffic traveling to shopping hot spots. 

Make Life Easier for Pedestrians

One way to reduce traffic is to encourage walking by providing more areas for pedestrians to walks, such as hiking trails. The wider the sidewalks, the less intimidated pedestrians will be and the more likely that they will use sidewalks. Pedestrian crossings help pedestrians feel safer. 

Restrict Heavy Vehicles

Placing legal restrictions on how heavy vehicles can be will reduce how many vehicles can drive on road. Also, heavier vehicles place more strain on the road and increase the amount of dust created by the road. Heavy Mack trucks can create potholes that can cause damage to other cars as well. Signs can simply be posted that state the maximum weight.

Reduce Road Speed

Besides improving safety, reducing road speeds also reduces the amount of road dust generated. Though slower car speeds will reduce the speed at which traffic can move through, it also provides an incentive for motorists to take a different route. Road speeds can inexpensively be reduced with simply a different sign, and non-compliance generates revenue in fines. Some towns implement speed bumps to reduce speed, but they only reduce road dust nearby the speed bumps. Motorists, slow down near the bump and resume their previous speed soon afterward. Only enforcement can lower car speeds.

Stop Motorists from Parking in the Street

Large numbers of cars parked on the side can reduce the amount of space for cars and force cars to stop more frequently to allow for other cars to pass. Implementing a resident-only parking zone or only allowing motorists to park in their driveways can reduce the number of cars blocking the way and could also become an important source of revenue by fining non-compliant motorists. While these methods may cheaply reduce road dust, it will likely be necessary to eventually implement a road dust suppression system.

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