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Two Ready Mix Concrete Myths You May Believe

Construction projects require many different resources and materials, and concrete is one of the most commonly utilized materials. However, many people are unaware that concrete can come in many different forms, and these forms have their own qualities that must be considered. For example, ready mix concrete is one of the most commonly used types of concrete for residential projects, but many people lack the experience needed to know the truth behind a couple of myths. 

Myth: Ready Mix Concrete Does Not Require Special Equipment To Prepare

There is a common misconception that ready mix concrete does not require any special tools or equipment to mix. While it is true that this type of concrete does not necessarily need a full-sized mixer to prepare, you will still need a couple of tools to mix the concrete so it will properly dry and cure. At a minimum, you will need a bucket and a drill with a paint mixing attachment. While this may seem like a somewhat crude setup for preparing concrete, it is more than sufficient for projects that will only require a small amount of concrete to complete. If you will need a larger amount of concrete than can be provided with this method, you will have no other option but to rent a full-sized mixer regardless of the type of concrete that you have chosen for your project. 

Myth: Ready Mix Concrete Is Weaker Than Conventional Concrete

Due to the ease of preparing this type of concrete and the fact that this option is commonly used for smaller projects, there is a common misconception that it is actually weaker than other forms of concrete. However, this is far from the truth, and this option is just as strong as other forms of concrete. 

The primary reason for ready mix being considered weaker is the fact that this option is often used in situations where it is not practical to install metal reinforcements to the concrete. This will substantially lower the strength of the concrete, but this is true of any type of this building material. If the ready mix is properly prepared before the pour, you should not notice any major structural differences between this type of concrete versus other more traditional options. 

Ready mix concrete is a great option for a variety of building projects because it can quickly and easily be prepared at the site without needing much in terms of specialized equipment. However, if you are choosing a type of concrete for your next project, it is important for you to realize that these two myths are incorrect because this will help you to make the best choice for your projects particular needs.